NAKSH SOFT Unlock Fusion without support (149$)
NAKSH SOFT UNLOCK Fusion is powefull unlocking server web application which able to manage your unlocking business properly You'll get everything at one platform,where you able to manage all three kind of services & orders, including IMEI, File and Server services with multiple currencies.you also able to connect api with any NAKSH SOFT & dhru website which will give real power to your unlocking server & you will be able to sell instant automatic services like iPhone carrier check , generic codes & other instanst unlocking services below is listed few main features

Content Management System

UNLOCK Fusion offers Content Management System also known as CMS, which gives you an option to manage the contents of your website, you can also create pages, their images and many other things.

Clients Management System

You can manage your clients in a better way in UNlOCK Fusion, you can view their summaries, their financials, APIs, packs and prices. Everything you can ask for to manage your clients, you'll get it in UNLOCK Fusion.

Price Management System

UNLOCK Fusion gives all the rights in the world to set prices against users, services. You can also set price plans where you can put your clients in. So changing any price in that group will reflect the prices of all the clients in that particular plan.

API Management System

UNLOCK Fusion supports API which give real power to your unlocking server and send your orders automatic to other unlocking servers & you able to start instant services on your unlocking server like iPhone carrier check & lots of generic codes you able to connect API with any NAKSH-SOFT & dhru website

News Section

In news section you able to add recent news of your server , save & send news mails , send news mails to each price group of  users

Live Chat

With live chat you able to add live chat on your server for your clients and site visitors you able to use chat servers like zopim etc

IP Management

In ip management you able to see clients login ip records , admin ip log reports also you able to block ips for access your website with add reason of block


These are few mail features for see more features check our demo site


Admin Panel
* Username: admin
* Password: admin

User  Panel
* Username: demo
* Password: demo

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